1. Brian Willis

    We all need to be reminded.

    “People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.” C.S. Lewis “I already know that.” “I have seen this material before.” “There is nothing new in this presentation.” How many times have you uttered these words, or heard them spoken during a presentation. We think that because...
  2. Brian Willis

    The Power of Question.

    Why are you a trainer? Why do you teach the way you do? What is it like to be a student in your class? How do you define success as a trainer? Why do you teach the material you do? Why do you teach the material in the manner and...
  3. Brian Willis

    Which is it for you?

    In the book The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor talks about research done by Yale psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski who has discovered that people have one of three “work orientations” or mindsets about their work. People either see it as a Job, a Career or a Calling. Job See work as a chore. Pay check...
  4. Brian Willis

    All the brains I can borrow.

    “I not only use all the brains I have, but all the brains I can borrow.” Woodrow Wilson It sucks that training budgets across North America have been slashed. If there is money money in the budget for training you, the trainer, it is spent to send you to mandatory...
  5. Brian Willis

    Excellence in Training Academy – Now Open

    Since you follow the Excellence in Training blog I know you experience the many frustrations facing trainers and are seeking answers. One of those frustrations is finding quality training that will make you a better instructor, at a reasonable price without the need to get travel approval from your boss. Training...


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