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At Winning Mind Training we hold strong beliefs about the law enforcement profession.  

  • We believe that law enforcement is one of the most important, most complex, most demanding, most challenging and most rewarding professions in our countries.
  • We believe the men and women of the law enforcement profession are committed to serving their communities at the highest level and want to be great at what they do.
  • We believe that trainers in the law enforcement profession are the key to those men and women continually daring to be great.
  • We believe that law enforcement trainers also want to be great at what they do and provide the men and women of the profession an amazing training experience.

At Winning Mind Training we work with:

  • Law enforcement trainers who want to create the best possible learning environment for their officers in order to instill in them the highest possible level of competence and confidence.
  • Law enforcement officers who want to be mentally prepared to WIN violent encounters in the field.
  • Law enforcement leaders who want their officers to receive the most effective training possible.

Our Philosophies:

  • To achieve excellence and create a Legacy of Excellence it is critical to understand and focus on Life’s Most Powerful Question: What’s Important Now? (W.I.N.)
  • Excellence in the field is a result of Excellence in Training.
  • Strive for Excellence not Perfection.
  • Excellence in Training is a shared responsibility.
  • Your legacy is something you create every day through the way you live.

To that end Winning Mind Training offers:

Innovative and thought provoking presentations and training programs designed to enhance competence and confidence through knowledge and understanding. These presentations and programs include Excellence in Training, Performance Enhancement Imagery, Harnessing The Winning Mind and Warrior Spirit, The Pursuit of Personal Excellence and Verbal Trauma Control.

Watch Brian Willis’ TEDx Naperville talk The Most Dangerous Weapon in Law Enforcement.

Meet the Winning Mind Team:

Brian Willis - President and C.E.O. (Chief Excellence officer)
Kevin Duchnycz - Instructor
Sean Carter - Instructor



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