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At Winning Mind Training we hold strong beliefs about the law enforcement profession.

  • We believe that law enforcement is one of the most important, most complex, most demanding, most challenging and most rewarding professions in society.
  • We believe the men and women of the law enforcement profession are committed to serving their communities at the highest level and want to be great at what they do.
  • We believe that great training and great trainers are the key to those men and women achieving greatness.
  • We believe that law enforcement trainers also want to be great at what they do and provide the men and women of the profession with the greatest possible learning experience.
  • We believe that in order for good trainers to become great trainers and great trainers to provide awesome training we need to think differently about how we design and deliver training.
  • We believe that Life’s Most Powerful Question – What’s Important Now? is the key to excellence in law enforcement training and to achieving excellence in the profession.
  • We are committed to serving the brave men and women of the law enforcement profession in their journey to achieve excellence.

Watch Brian Willis’ TEDx Naperville 2014 Talk – The Most Dangerous Weapon in Law Enforcement



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